A Spanking for Mother & Daughter

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A Spanking for Mother & Daughter

A Spanking for Mother & Daughter

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When I am done, as I do with any punishment, we always talk about why she was punished and I make sure understands that she was punished not because she is a bad person, but instead making sure she understands that her misbehavior was the cause of the punishment, not matter what that punishment is. When nose time was over I made it through the room, fetching my knickers, and off I went to my bedroom. Most of the people advocating it just come off like hicks that don't understand psychology at all, or people that feel the need to be overprotective of the practices of their parents(because parents are perfect beings). Heh, whenever I misbehaved my dad would make me either fetch his belt or go cut a branch off a willow tree and I learned very quickly to not be a brat. John Trencher, a billionaire living in Hampstead, London, plans to marry Mary Peterson, a small business owner living in a terraced house in Highgate.

At least from a Pro-Spanking perspective I can see that children are human beings who need to be taught that certain behaviors aren't acceptable and that their are immediate negative repercussions to their actions. My two children have been spanked, but I could count on one hand the number of times total, and it was all between the ages of 4 and 6. The method of disciplining that uses only words does not work with most kids, it only starts to really work after 14 years of age in most cases. I never liked getting spankings when growing up (go figure :P) but as an adult looking back I know how much they helped me and that is why I am grateful. As long as its used sparingly, as a last resort, and the child is informed ahead of time that their actions will result in a spanking, then yes.

I'd rather have a child with a couple tears and a welt, than an egotistical, entitled, spoiled little brat on teen mom or cops. Should I continue with my softer approach to parenting or allow my mother to discipline some while I also follow her style of discipline to some degree? This is how it would happen: kid starts screaming and yelling, I grab him and deadpan give him one chance to stop using any sort of ultimatum that makes sense. Some of us need to do quit for ourselves and all the pleading, punishing, and helping won't help us. Seeing that she also does not have custody of her other 3 children and she hit her kid hard enough to leave red marks that lasted long enough for others to see, I think the judge had the full file on her "motherly" abilities.

In every instance the child knew full well that what they were doing was going to get them a spanking. minutes later there was no pain, and it was never their first response, but sometimes it was the only method by which they could get me to listen.They are going to push and push and push and on rare occasions words/time-outs/whatevers isn't going to reign them in. You DONT debate things with children, that is bad parenting which in some cases leads to parents hitting their children out of frustration.

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