Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

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Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

Food Of The Gods: A Radical History of Plants, Psychedelics and Human Evolution

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He really nails down the truth on what a brain numbing and dumbing down drug television is and has lots of interesting ideas. I encourage everyone to read him, I think his voice is necessary in a world where addictions run rampant and our understanding of ourselves has hit a trough where value is measured by productivity and consumerism. He ends the book with a manifesto and political blueprint for how to get there, which surprisingly, from my perspective, relies on taxation in large part. Qui compare una carrellata spropositata di stereotipi sulle sostanze stesse, sulla cultura patriarcale, e sul cristianesimo: insopportabile.

Tuttavia, l'intento di McKenna non è unicamente il voler descrivere questa decadenza nella storia umana, ma riproporre quell' originario modello di civiltà perduta come Eden da riconquistare, attraverso l'utilizzo di allucinogeni, ed in particolare DMT e Psylocibe cubensis, in grado di far compiere a chi l'assume viaggi ultradimensionali, di garantire una conoscenza spropositata di ciò che siamo, del nostro mondo e del mondo Altro. The chapters about our future are hopeful, it remains to be seen how close we will go towards extinction before we hopefully get our shit together as a species. This book is some 90% right on the money, I'm just not sure about part which correlates availability of psychedelics in an area with evolution of consciousness. It is important to use only those compounds that do not insult the physical brain; regardless of what the physical brain does or doesn’t have to do with the mind, it certainly has much to do with the metabolism of hallucinogens. He mostly just alternates between talking about how great drugs are, giving an overview of historic cultures and people who thought drugs were great, and developing an ideology around how great drugs are.

First how the whole human and before primate evolution, biochemistry, neurological functions, brain development, etc. In my country, psychedelics are illegal, but there’s a clear sort of agreement between government and narcos that benefits them both, meanwhile the people suffer. The second and third parts of the book focus on the restriction of psychedelic medicines, which is then followed by these plants being ignored and forgotten. a field watch on the eating habits of 'stoned' apes and chimpanzees - these adventures are all a part of ethnobotanist Terence McKenna's extraordinary quest to discover the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. Broad, that we should do well to consider he suggestion that the function of the brain and nervous system and sense organs is in the main eliminative and not productive.

The explosion in the 1960s of psychedelic use will have certainly fueled a momentum which was already happening, which has always been latent in the human psyche, and will have had periods of flourish (cave-painting, Dionysian celebration, Renaissance art), and then repression (Protestant smashing of the stained glass windows and insistence on scripture over sacraments, Taliban destruction of Buddhist statues, ISIL destruction of Palmyra, and the rest). Ibogaine, the indole hallucinogen responsible for the pharmacological activity of the Bwiti plant, is widely recognized both as a factor holding married couples together in the face of Fang institutions like easy divorce and as an aphrodisiac. And as a daring work of scholarship and exploration, it offers an inspiring vision for individual fulfilment and a humane basis for our interaction which each other and with the natural world. On a philosophical note, one of my criticisms of the book is his insistence that the modern belief in the meaninglessness of the world, and also the belief that meaning is context-dependent, are both wrong. The fact that these plants are strictly prohibited and culturally discouraged without any serious reasons related to health tells me that these things have the potential/ability to destroy/transform the assumptions upon which our culture is based.The living fact of the mystery of being is there, and it is an inalienable religiouS right to be able to approach it on one's own terms. Anyone who claims he is an eloquent speaker, or that the audio book is better, has been tricked by Terence's ability to ramble for hours, and isn't aware they aren't learning anything and that he has no coherent ideas. If we're using drugs as an escape rather than a spiritual exploration, then we're not using them for the right reasons, in his view.

Like fish in water, people in a culture swim in the virtually invisible medium of culturally sanctioned yet artificial states of mind. This relationship between human beings and mushrooms had to have also included cattle, the creators of the only source of the mushrooms.Maybe it's unfair to judge McKenna on this point, as this book is more than 20 years old, so he didn't have access to the same information we do today.

McKenna è incredibilmente capace di saper descrivere le trasfigurazioni sensoriali che avvengono nei trip, e di ricostruire l'atmosfera sacra e sospesa in cui avvengono i riti sciamanici. If you’re a fan of Robbins’ fanciful writing style, you might enjoy Food of the Gods, as I admit I did.That gets more interesting with bigger mammals and very exciting with primates, because a few hundred or thousands of years of consuming, especially during pregnancy, might have some impact. This book is an essential read for anyone interested in history, be it from an interest into ancient cultures, ethnobotany, ethnic oragins or simply looking to answer the question "Why are we who we are? The history presented is compelling, convincing and derived out of a unique insight into the world which few seldom attain.

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