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Half Way There

Half Way There

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AltCorner was built to serve as tbe promotional platform for alternative music - documenting everything from unheard and upcoming artists to world-renowned established acts. Busted very much so seem like a band who are writing what they assume people want to hear rather than.

And that’s exactly what the lads have done with this exceptional, exhilarating and at times moving album. Again I find it hard to tell if I’m enjoying it, i’m sneering at it a lot but also smiling so I guess I’m enjoying myself. I'm kind of tempted to listen now to see what it's like, but I don't want Busted to end up as one of my artists on Spotify or have them constantly come up in my suggested videos on YouTube (which has happened in the past previous times I've checked out artists due to curiosity). Due to inventory and accounting purposes, we do not exchange items received for different items than originally purchased.In that song’s chorus lyric ‘Where d’ya go, I’d be lost without you / It’s crazy, time moves slow / I ain’t seen you on the TV lately’, they all deliver the vocal with feeling and there’s a sense that in this version of the song, they’ve communicated the problems that ended their juggernaut of success so abruptly and got closure on that time to move forward to this new chapter. Much like All Saints‘ most recent album ‘Testament’, it’s a band fully at home singing and playing on the sound everyone loves them for, and in a round about way, actually makes for a refreshingly honest and very modern pop album. There are some utterly delicious moments in the human experience that can’t quite be accounted for in words alone: bare feet sinking into gloriously soft shagpile carpet, the smell of bacon frying on a Sunday morning, and the sound of your favourite band or artist releasing the album they were born to make. But, not one without justification – the album begins with the anthemic Nineties that serves as a time capsule back to better times, reminiscing about everything from the Goonies to Oasis and Nirvana.

Never really been a fan, but I’m sure it’s at least better than that song they did for that dogshit Thunderbirds movie. The alternative movement is alive and kicking and we here at AltCorner deliver your alternative music fix daily. We carry a broad range of CDs and vinyl (7”/12” singles and LPs) and specialise in indie, alternative, rock, punk, metal plus a few other genres. With 10 songs on the tracklist, Half Way There isn’t a particularly lengthy album and those 10 tracks rarely do much to distinguish themselves from each other either, ranging from guitar track to slightly slower guitar track so that the album blurs into a vaguely catchy whole if you play it in full. Since then, I feel they have all had success and Charlie has more than proved himself as a capable musician, gaining top 20 albums across multiple genres (Fightstar, solo-works).Even back when the pop-rock and pop-punk they were so mercenarily emulating, it was telling that Busted always remained firmly in the boyband territory; the sound wasn’t that far from the genuine article in the early 2000s, but both musicianship and lyricism that drew from territory spanning from base to outright stupid was always a heavy implication of the pop machinations behind the scenes to make that sound even more marketable. But yeah, I'd never thought I'd see the day when a Busted album is heavier than a Bring Me The Horizon album. Not least for a band whom everyone assumed had too wide a chasm creatively and professionally between themselves to warrant reuniting in the first place. It’s a super alienating song that only a few people in bands will relate to I guess, and even then not many.

Bubblegum pop, exaggerated-Americana vocals, the soundtrack to many a millenial’s youth, Busted are what they are, and on ‘Half Way There’, they’ve completely accepted that. Of course, that’s not to say that the entire album is about growing up, moving on and looking back, as the band has also dreamed up a couple of the catchy, high-concept storytelling songs they’re known for too. The highlight is the acoustic All My Friends, a song that veers into folk territory and laments growing up. Please explain how All The Right Reasons by Nickelback (which was certified Diamond in the US and sold 10,000,000 copies) is a good album.The new record saw them work with their dream producer Gil Norton, who has previously worked with the likes of Foo Fighters and Pixies.

It’s hard to really tell what the song is about, I kinda guess that it’s about how we need to all get together to move to mars and learn how to ‘get along’ with each other.It’s why any sort of nuance is pitched right out of the window, something that gives an oddly self-congratulatory air to What Happened To Your Band?

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